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Dating: What to Do and What Not to Do

Dating is not just an art. It is an event. Dating can be a very special time for two people who have an interest in each other. Dating begins as a "search and seek out mission" before it can evolve into something else. Both parties agree to look into who they are with to see if it goes any further.

Below are some does for dating;

1) Commit to having fun - be ready to laugh, smile and have a good time. A date can only get better if you both enjoy where you are and each other's company. At the end of the date it would be great if you both could smile and be glad you were together.

2) Commit to keeping it light - stay away from heavy discussions (so what happened to cause your divorce? How did it feel losing your parents in that car accident?). The reason you want it light is you are still feeling each other out. You have not invested enough into your date's emotional bank to make a heavy emotional withdrawal. The only way to get into deep conversations is to invest time. Take it slow.

3) Show yourself - Here is the time to start letting the real you out. People who date tend to frown upon being with people who seem one way and over time realize they are someone else. Be yourself. Not too wild and crazy but the real you.

4) Talk about yourself and listen - When it comes to having a conversation with a new person there are two things to keep in mind; can you talk to them and will they listen to you? Talk about yourself a little bit first and monitor how well they listen. Then flip the script and listen as they tell you about themselves.

Here are a few don'ts;

1) Be boring- Talk. Engage. Interact. Nothing is worse than being on a date that is so boring you can't stay awake yourself. If that happens, cut it short. Do both of you a favor.

2) Being preoccupied- Stop texting, playing games on your phone or talking to others when on a date. They deserve your undivided attention so give it to them. Pay attention.

3) Using vulgar language - We all know grown people can cuss. But ladies and gentlemen are above such petty behavior and can speak without resorting to swear words. Show off your wide vocabulary.

4) Pushing excessive physical contact - Make each touch light and non threatening. I know I want my personal space protected so strangers cannot come in and make themselves at home. Surest way to end a date early; getting too close too fast.

Let dating be an enjoyable experience.

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