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Do This When You Date

There should be a manual for dating. It would make this so much easier. But there really is no manual. There are books (like this one) which can add to your knowledge and make dating a more pleasurable experience.

When you date there are things you should do to make your chances of having a great date possible. Leave nothing to chance but plan to have a great time.

Things to do on a date:

1) Dress appropriately - You need to research how you want to present yourself. If you have a nice figure and a nice physique it is OK to show that (hard to hide). But tight pants, exposed cleavage and skimpy tank tops are not the way to make this first impression. Remember that the person you are meeting will form opinions about you the moment they see you. Make sure you present what you want them to see so they will not have the wrong opinion of you. If you are a man, don't spend more time in front of the mirror than she does. If you are woman, don't let him think you are an easy mark ready to have sex in a moment's notice.

2) Be on Time - Some people are OK with you being late. Others hate it. The best way to date is to show respect for the time you have together. Things do happen and most people understand being delayed for a valid reason. But being late on purpose should be unacceptable to you. Respect time.

3) Keep conversation appropriate- When you go on a date it is not the time to get into things too deep. The last thing you want is to have the date turn into an argument. There is no reason to fight at that time. Depending on how many dates you have been on before and how close you feel to this person you can adjust your conversation.

4) Decide on where you are going and who will pay (dutch is OK keeps things non- committal) - Plan the date. There are times when you can pick a place on the run but it helps to plan where you will spend your date. This way you can avoid being somewhere unprepared (like having on a tuxedo and going to the beach for a date). It is OK to offer up a surprise when you have an idea of what your date does and does not like.

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