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Financial Prosperity Now

There are some basic needs we all have as individuals that need to be met. At the top of the list are the needs necessary for survival - food, clothing, shelter. These basic needs can be met with ease when one has financial prosperity to meet those needs.

The focus is to be able to meet our daily needs. Jesus never went around with a lot of money (although he did have a treasurer. Broke people don't need treasurers). Yet he also knew that he would be able to meet every need that arose because he walked in financial prosperity. He knew how to meet needs once they arose.

Here are some ideas on what it means to walk in financial prosperity;

1) Knowing that you can meet every need that comes up - there are always enough resources to meet current needs. The fallacy is when we look at a need and believe there is no provision. In America we waste a ton of food each day. People eat at a restaurant and leave plenty of food on their plates. It's amazing how those who have resources tend to waste more than those who don't.

2) Knowing that you have more than you will ever need at your disposal - an abundance mentality is necessary to walk in financial prosperity. This mentality will create within us the assurance that we have all that we need whenever we need it. All we have to do is learn how to tap into this abundance which is all around us.

3) Never thinking you are in lack but only in abundance - it is very hard to think "I have abundant resources at my disposal." Yet that is exactly what we must think in order to achieve our goals. As a man thinks, so shall he become. We have to think that we can meet every need at every occasion if we hope to live that way.

4) Never speaking lack but talking abundance - just like we have to think abundance we have to speak it as well. Negative talk does not give us positive results. What you want to see happen in your life you must be willing to say it. The focus has to be on becoming what we envision and that includes being bold enough to say what we mean and mean what we say.

Financial Prosperity works for all who would believe in it.

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