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Foreplay Is Not Optional

Sex is a hot topic today. Many people are so in love with the thought of it, the way it makes them feel and the absolute necessity of it (as some really believe) that they are willing to do almost anything to keep it active in their lives.

Sex has it's place. And since we are talking about the subject let us look at one aspect of it that is necessary without question; I am talking about foreplay.

What is foreplay? It can be a variety of different things to different people. Sharing jokes, laughing with each other, looking with eyes of longing, making cute facial expression are just a few things people do to engage in foreplay.

As for a definition, foreplay is when you show your loved one attention, affection and love. There are many ways to display it but the bottom line is foreplay sets the stage for a very intimate sexual encounter.

Consider the benefits of foreplay;

1) Shows that you are not in a rush to get to the "main part" - many times your partner may feel that all you want is to be inside of them if you skip foreplay. After all, why mess around with the appetizer when the main dish is waiting for me? This mentality can kill the mood and make moving forward into intimacy very hard.

2) Shows that you are concerned about their whole body, not just below the waist - foreplay helps you to keep your hands and eyes above the waist. It allows you to focus on the mind, the face, the eyes and just the hips and what they surround.

3) Shows that you really want to be intimate - cuddling, touching, caressing, sharing, talking all show that you want to connect on a deeper level than just the physical. When we understand this it makes what happens before intimacy as fulfilling as what happens during it.

4) Shows that you are patient and can wait for the surprise that will be unveiled before your eyes - rushing to be intimate because you only have "2 minutes" is very hard for your partner. I remember a wife saying that her husband only needed 2 minutes and then he would be done. This destroyed her desire to be intimate with her husband.

Don't let that happen in your relationship. Take your time. Plan to spend a few quality minutes in foreplay. I think most people will enjoy being pursued by someone they care about.

Wouldn't you agree?

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