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Have You Ever Asked Yourself "Why"

I love listening to music with a meaning. I was listening to a song by Rascal Flatts called "Why". At the first time I kind of played it off and said to myself, nice melody. But the record played while I was working and as I listened to the words I had to stop and replay it so that I would pay attention.

It deals with the suicide of a teenager. The overlying question was "we did not know you were hurting. Yet I know you would not just walk away in the middle of a song." These words hit me because I began to think about all the people want to give up when we need to just "hold on".

Why? Why am I here? Why was I born? And what am I supposed to be doing while I am here? I believe at one time or another we all ask this question. Sometimes, we fail to wait until we get an answer.

Near the end of the song it says "I do have one burning question; who told you life was not worth the fight? They lied." These words resonated with me and I felt the need to put it down on paper so this article was born.

Is life hard? Yes? Does it always make sense? No. Sometimes, doesn't it seem worth it to just give up when things are so hard you feel like you can't go on? Maybe you have never been there but I have. And longer than I would care to admit.

Wilson Phillips has a song called "hold on", for just one more day. To refuse to give up until daylight comes your way again. I listened to this song and found hope rising up again.

Consider the following;

1) Don't give up - you can make it if you refuse to quit. You can outlast every circumstance. Just do it!

2) Don't give in - your dreams, your family and those you live are worth you holding on until your breakthrough comes through. It may look like things are not going to ever be any better. But it is always darkest before the dawn.

3) Look up - rise your head. Dry those tears. Things can and will change. You have to make sure that life doesn't change you for the worst.

I hope you find encouragement as your closest ally today.

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