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Make That Date

Look at a scenario concerning dating;

You look across the room and there he or she is. This person has a warm smile, pretty face and looks great physically. Your mind begins to consider what your eyes are looking at and you smile back. You like what you see. Then you move on and open your mouth.

A brief conversation occurs (you both giggle a bit, smile a lot) and you find yourself asking if this person would like to meet you for coffee or breakfast to just talk. They say yes.

You just made a date! What is the definition for dating? What does it mean? Different people have different meanings for what it means to them. Here is a general definition;

Dating. The practice of going out with someone to have company and companionship with, oftentimes with the goal of seeking a permanent lifetime partner. Dating has been around for centuries. People have used dating as the main way to meet someone of the opposite sex. It keeps your options open and is a good way to find people who are compatible with you.

Here are some reasons people look for someone to be with:

1) Friendship date - someone who you know and are comfortable in their presence. You call them up to just hang out, maybe no real agenda.

2) Eye Candy - this is the person you ask to go out with you when you want to be seen with someone stunning on your arms.

3) Sex Partner - this is the person that you find is good in bed. People who arrange for these types of dates typically only want one thing. Once that has been satisfied the partner can go on their own way.

4) Dance Partner - this person is the one you go out with to party. They love to dance and do the whole party scene so you can go out on a "night on the town"

5) Fun Partner - this person you call up when you are just lonely or need some company. You may have no special place to be and not want sex, just company.

6) Finding a life partner - We call this "dating to mate" where you are looking for that marriage material date.

The only way you can get to know someone is to go out with them, spend time with them and get to know them better. People tend to be on their best behavior when you first meet. It is only after spending time with them do you get to see who they really are. You can go and have some fun.

This article is an excerpt from my new book "Do You Want to Date or Mate" available on Amazon. For more info visit my website

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