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Life Isn't Easy, But Live Anyway.

Life is hard. I know you have heard that expression before. It is very true. Life is funny with all of it's twists and turns and many times nobody is laughing as we take the ride.

Why is life not easy? I believe there are a lot of reasons for that. Let's look at a few;

1) People can do some stupid things - unless you are on an island by yourself you have to deal with people. And people can do the strangest things. Sometimes they drive without looking at where they are going. Sometimes they say things that are very insensitive and then they don't apologize. Sometimes they are just plain rude.

2) We can do some stupid things - have you ever done something and asked yourself after you did it "why did I do that"? I think we all have been guilty at one time or another of doing things we wish we had not. Maybe you said something that was totally insensitive. I remember an instance while riding the train and sitting by a man who had a few young children with him. The children were incredibly unruly and disruptive and it was getting on the passengers nerves. Finally one of them went up to the man and said "excuse me sir but your children are being very disruptive on the train. Can you please control them"? The man looked back at her with a glazed look in his eyes. He said "we just left the hospital. Their mother died today". Then the man turned and looked out of the window. Immediately the adults began to reach out to the children to try and help them to be less disruptive. What this experience showed is we think we understand what is going on when many times we don't. All you have to do is ask.

3) Life has challenges - whoever told you that life is supposed to be easy lied to you. If you ever want to accomplish anything of value in your life, get ready for challenges. People don't stay married for 40 years without challenges. Parents don't raise responsible children without challenges. You cannot build a successful career without challenges.

Life is hard. But you know what? Choose to live anyway. Take life by the horns and tame her like you would a wild beast. Don't allow the problems of the day to cause you to quit on life. It is a gift. And when it is working, life in not just good; it's very good.

Live. Love. Enjoy your life.

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