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The Best Sexual Positions

There has been a lot written about sex and the various positions a person can place themselves in to enjoy it. Some of the discussion comes from a position of a perverted mind. But this discussion can be healthy and useful if approached in a certain way.

Each position that two people enter into affords a different level of pleasure and penetration. I am not going to discuss every position but rather discuss what makes for a good sex position.

1) Missionary (man on top) - one of the most common positions a man and woman uses for sex and can kiss while making love. He can experience various levels of penetration and she has the ability to open her legs, close her legs, wrap them around his waist. This is a traditional orgasm position for both.

2) Reverse Missionary (woman on top)- this gives the woman a lot more control and allows the man to feel her in a very different way. He can also grab her and hold her hips with his hands.

3) Side by Side (spooning) - here they both lie down with the man behind the woman. This gives him entry from the rear and she feels him in a different way.

4) Doggy Style - the woman is on her hands and knees with the man behind her. This gives the woman a deep penetration and the man feels more flesh.

5) Woman facing wall, hands on wall and man behind - man enters her while she is standing. This is both an erotic and difficult position to master.

There are more positions but his article will not allow me to go into too much depth. There is also the concept of things couples do to please each other. I won't turn this into an X-rated article but I would like to close with a few words about this items.

1) Ways a man pleases a woman - If a man will ask her questions and just experiment with this hands, a woman can tell him what she likes and doesn't like. Couples should only engage in activities they both agree to and they both enjoy.

2) Ways a woman pleases a man - the woman should also ask him questions and find out what he likes. It is amazing how great sex can be if you communicate with your loved one and find ways to make them happy.

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