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What Should I Allow to Happen on Our First Date?

You look across the room and there he or she is. This person has a warm smile, pretty face and looks great physically. Your mind begins to access what your eyes are looking at and you smile on the inside. You are liking what you see.

A brief conversation occurs and then you are at a crossroads; this person wants to go out with you. What should you do?

The only way you can get to know someone is to go out with them, spend time with them and get to know them better. People tend to be on their best behavior when you first meet. It is only after spending time with them do you get to see who they really are. So go out, have some fun!

Please, do so with some clear limits. Remember, although this person seems nice you don't know them. And many crazy people can pretend to be nice for a little while. So until you have had some time to let them pull down their hair and drop their defenses, you need to have some ground rules for this first date.;

1) Do not have them pick you up at your house - if at all possible never let a stranger know where you live. If for some reason things don't work out at least they do not know how to show up at your front door.

2) Let your first date be in an open space with plenty of other people around - meet in a crowd. Go to dinner, movies, play or show. Avoid walks along the deserted beach alone or being in a park with no people present. You are not being suspicious, you are being wise.

3) First kiss, no lips - do not let someone you just met have your lips. This denotes affection and a more intimate relationship than you have on a first date. A gentleman always kisses on the cheek for his first date.

4) No sex - under no circumstances should you be sleeping with someone you just met. People who are sexually promiscuous won't tell you. They could have had sex with seven other partners just this week and now you allow them to have you too? If you have sex too early in a relationship it sends the wrong signal. You want to be a person of class, not some hard up gotta get laid tonight type of person. If this person has some class and is looking for a meaningful relationship too easy sex spoils it. Refrain, refrain, refrain.

You can date and have a lot of fun. Just do it wisely.

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