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Where Do I Fit

The classic question a woman can ask herself is "where do I fit?" Especially when it comes to her relationship with a man.

I want to offer some insights into the whole concept of fitting in when you do have a man in your life.

To truly understand our purpose we have to take a journey back to the beginning. Back to when we are a thought in the mind of God and He decided to act upon that thought and create us.

The key is found in Genesis Chapters 1-3. Here we see that "in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." God made all that was created in 6 days and on that 6th day he created man first, then the woman.

When man was on the Earth and he was alone God walked with him and talked with him. They had perfect fellowship. In addition Adam was smart, strong and called to lead. He was truly a man's man.

Yet God saw something He didn't like; He saw that although man controlled His creation on Earth, he was alone. There was no one on the same level, no one he could relate to.

So God called all the animals to come before Him and Adam and said I want you to name them. So Adam did; he named "Papa Bear and Mama Bear, Papa Dog and Mama Dog, Papa Cat and Mama Cat". But for Adam, there was not one suitable person for him.

So God caused Adam to fall asleep and took one of his ribs and fashioned a woman. When Adam saw her he was amazed. For the first time there stood on the planet someone who he could relate to. He called her Woman because she was taken from man.

How does this all related to fitting in? When people understand that each of us was born with a purpose it helps to put things into perspective. Any woman who feels that she should be married ought to look real hard at what God is doing in the man she is interested in. If she is truly the woman God has called for him then she will fit into God's overall plan for his life.

Does this mean the woman has no plan for her life? No. What it means is that God wants men and women who are supposed to be together to know the roles they play in each others’ lives. How can you possibly fulfill purpose when you are unsure of what it is?

Where do I fit? A question that will require prayerful insight to answer.

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