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Mind Blowing Sex: Is That Even Possible

One thing that many people look for is a relationship. They are seeking someone to share their lives, dreams and hopes with. This is necessary because none of us are here to be an island to ourselves.

Many relationships have a sexual component to them. I want to address how to have sex with your partner that will blow your mind (literally).

Let me begin by saying that this is not intended for the person who is seeking to engage in casual sex. If all you want to do is "hit it" and move on, then you will frustrated with what I share in this article. The reason is very simple; mind blowing sex is not just physical. If it were, everyone would be having it all the time.

I won't ask you to ask your partner how many unhappy sexual encounters they have been involved in. But if you don't want to be counted among the casualties then read on.

1) Sex must have a purpose - why are you doing this? Is it because you are lonely? Do you feel unloved? Do you feel like you want to express how deeply you care for this person in the most intimate way possible? What is your reason for sex? The clearer you are on the purpose, the easier it will be to engage in activities that make you smile.

2) Sex must have a relational foundation - I do speak out against casual sex for a number of reasons. The main one is you cannot have mind blowing sex if your mind and emotions are not wrapped around the person you are with. You meet someone, end up in bed with a total stranger and feel that is real? No, it is not. That is why prostitution is never about mind blowing sex, just sex. There is no relational foundation when you lay with a prostitute.

3) Sex must be consensual - two willing and able parties agree on what will happen next. That sets the foundation for a good time with your partner.

4) Sex must be mental as well as physical - your mind is your greatest sexual tool. Have you noticed that when you are turned on, sex comes easily and with much enthusiasm?

As your mind gets into it your body responds. But when you have a problem thinking about the person you are with your body cannot focus on having a good time. Instead you are looking for how to exit this encounter.

If you are going to do anything, do it well. Let your relationship soar to another level in this area. Then you will certainly smile!

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